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Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) plants with exposed roots. These beautiful, easy to grow at home plants do not include pots with your order. We recommend potting soil amended with perlite or cactus potting soil mix as a substrate for your aloe to grow in. Make sure to open on the day of your arrival. Please use the chart to determine price per aloe.  Bulk discount offered.

We are sending you starter plants that may have been cut to fit into shipping boxes. The leaves may be naturally curved or become discolored during the stresses of shipping. We’d like you to know that these plants are hearty and will most likely out grow any cosmetic damage you may notice upon arrival. We will not refund, but if there are any serious concerns with the plant you’d like to discuss, please send us an e-mail at with a picture of the plant as it arrived.

Note: The first and last image are not examples of what you will receive, but are images of the results we’ve been able to achieve with the same aloe starters you will be sent with your order. The other images represents sizes of plants we will send you.

*If you are in a northern region, make sure that your daytime temperatures are above freezing.

**We can not ship to California due to laws related to exposed roots.

About Aloe Vera:

Along with being used as a popular decorative feature, it has been proposed that aloe vera may be beneficial for the following:

  • aides in sunburn relief
  • has anti-inflammatory effects
  • aides in constipation and IBS relief
  • controls cavity causing oral bacteria
  • has anti-oxidant properties
  • may protect skin from UVB damage
  • heartburn relief
  • used as a scalp treatment

We cannot personally claim that these suppositions are true, but are solely based upon information presented to us. Be aware that we are selling a live plant, not a food supplement. Please do your due diligence before consuming or using the plants in any cosmetic or medicinal way. We are not responsible for the way you use your plant.








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